Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Progress ,...

We ground off all the mounting tabs we were not using.
We welded the Safety Vent to the vehicle instead of using a heavy Stainless sanitary clamp.
We shortened the legs etc.... So we need to re-hydro the main tank. We got a pin hole leak where we ground off unused tabs. Argh!!! Weld a plate over and try again.. We needed to get to 425 PSI. The Tank Failed at 350 on the main seam. . We had hydro-ed it to 400 in the spring, so over the last 6 months it lost 50 PSI. Probably means we are done for the 180.

We patched the tank on the blue ball after a hydro failure, we will look at patching this tank in the AM, but 95% sure it means no 180 for us.