Monday, October 26, 2009


I have a theory as to why the cat pack suddenly died. (80% confidence) and I know how to avoid the issue. It was not my cost saving short cut. The old cat pack is being nitric acid stripped and re-plated. I've got all the material for a new no shortcuts CAT pack arriving at 8am Tuesday, with the Waterjet and Plateing house lined up to get a new one made. This should be ready Wednesday Afternoon.

We spent the day removing 40 lbs form the silver ball (Stainless fuel tanks and plumbing and misc unused fittings and bits. We then added back back 20lbs including a New higher capacity composite fuel tank and pressure bottles for external pressurization. The whole vehicle should be back together late Tuesday or Early Wednesday. It could hold double the propellant and it weighs 20 lbs less. The takeoff limitation will now be engine thrust, not propellant capacity.

If I can duplicate my in flight measured ratio of theoretical to actual performance I'll have 200 seconds of hover.

The LLC judges inspected our lunar pad and it passed.

Someone asked me today when I last had 8 hrs of sleep I asked if they meant in a single week?

Going to sleep UPS promises to arrive before 8 am.


David said...

Well done paul. Sleep when you are dead :-) It is time to fly. Good luck.

Will Baird said...

Good luck, Paul.

We (Team Phoenicia) are rooting for you including the 6 week old one. :)

Unknown said...

Sounds like good progress. Hope the UPS driver showed up on-time with all your packages and a smile! We've got our fingers crossed for you here... Wish I could break away from work long enough to see the vehicle fly at the FAR!

M.Nelson said...

Good luck, from a long time reader and supporter in the Turks and Caicos Islands. I have learned a lot by following your posts.

Thank you for your inspiring work!

B. Nelson

Joe said...

Removing 40 pounds is awesome! Even if it is a net loss of 20. Did you shorten the legs?