Sunday, February 07, 2010

Watching STS-130

I'm in Florida to watch the STS-130 Launch. I have NASA Guest tickets and the Launch viewing area is next to the Saturn V display at the Cape. The Temps for last nights scrub were a tad below 50F but the wind was blowing and damp. I did not really pack appropriately for these temps, it was really cold. I left the hotel at Midnight and got back to the room at 7:15 am. My internal clock is saying WTF?

Once again I'm stunned by the scale of the Saturn V, the size of the launch vehicle necessary to put 2 men on the moon in one shot is just staggering. I post and tweet my observations of the launch when it happens. The couple sitting behind us on the NASA bus has come out for 9 shuttle launches and has seen 9 scrubs and zero launches. It looks like they will try again Tonight but Tuesday Mornings Forecast is for worse weather so they probably won't even make the attempt.