Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Plans Update

We are going to go out to the site On Wedensday Morning set up and work on non-rocket flight things. RTK GPS base, Helicopter testing etc....(Can't fly the rocket on Wedensday, I forgot to Fax my FAA notification)
We will be flight testing Thursday and Friday and I think I have help for those days.
Its really hard to plan more than a day or two in advance but its really likely that I'll need some help during the week next week. So if you were so inclined check in on the blog or unrocket on twitter.

The current flight plans are to attempt the 90 second flight Friday Morning the 30th and the 180 second flight Saturday the 31st. If you want to come out and watch you will need to attend the safety briefing TBD some time late next week in Mojave. You will also need to sign the FAR liability waiver, I'll bring copies to the safety briefing.

The FAR site is about 45 minutes from Mojave out route 14. I'll provide a detailed map at the safety briefing.

The trip includes 10 miles of somewhat rough dirt road. (My wife drives her Honda civic out the road so its not too terrible.) Its actually really fun in my STI.

If you want to attend both days and can be 100% self sufficent you can probably camp on site Thursday Night and Friday. We will be camping on site and we will need our sleep so I'd really appreciate no 3am arrivals.

You can find my E-mail address phonetically in the comments of the previous blog thread.


Paul Breed said...

My Primary harddisk ran out of space, and I lost about 6 e-mails this morning. So if you e-mailed me between the post and 6 am I lost the mail.

Joe said...

Good to meet you and the crew Paul. Wish I could have been more help. Hope to see you next week for the LLC!

Anonymous said...

I think the thrust may be third order with the throttle position, for at least a portion of the throttle. The thrust will be proportional to the mass flow rate, you are running at a low nozzle pressure ratio, so the chamber pressure increase will increase the ISP and the level of atomization, so a small increase in flow and pressure may lead to a huge increase in thrust. Also,the propellant mass ratio, (if not on center)may change for the better as you throttle up. Some dither on the valve positioners and/or taking the cube root of the valve correction factor may help.