Friday, January 15, 2010

Non-rocket but fun...

EDN published a short "Tales from the Cube" of mine.
This happened along time ago ~1990

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Notional Next Rocket...

Its still going to be six months or more before I can really start working on this, but its my next notional rocket. It uses the motor valves and actuators from the Silver vehicle in a more aerodynamic shape. The Green tanks are Wellmate WM12 tanks with the air bladders removed, and the blue tank is the WM-6 that was the fuel tank on the silver. With a 16" diameter and 380 liters of light weight 500 PSI tankage it should go to 100K ft +. Its basically 20 ft tall.
The tanks would be joined together with carbon fiber barrels bonded to the tanks.

Bucket List Item....

I've always wanted to watch a shuttle launch.
I saw the very first shuttle land at Edwards, but I've never seen an orbital launch of any kind.

After a little contact fishing I just received a VIP invite to watch STS-130. Thank you Will and Andrew!
This is a night launch so it should be spectacular.