Monday, May 18, 2015

Rocket Motors...

In an ideal world I'd just have the rocket motors 3D printed.
I believe (I've sent out a sample file to be quoted) that they will be prohibitively expensive.

If I could figure out how to make shapeways 3D printed metal parts work that might be affordable.
(Long time followers will recall that the shapeways process does not work for internal cooling passages, so the inner and outer need to be assembled from separate parts, and if you then weld them together they get porous as the high welding temperature drives out the brass used to infuse the stainless powder.)

So one of the tests that I might do is to see if I could  make a 3D printed rocket design that Shapways could make, then I would solder or low temp braze the outer shell over the motor.
Another possibility might be to plate the resultant leaky welded motor ... a number of things to try...

One could always build saddle jacket motors.


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