Sunday, April 08, 2012

Learning from the HPR community.

In going out to FAR I've seen a whole bunch of beautiful rocket projects crash and burn due to recovery failure. Less than 25% of the liquid flights I've seen have had successful recovery.
I don't want to repeat this so I set out to learn recovery from the HPR guys that routinely recover their vehicles. Part of that was building and flying my own level 3 HPR.

On Saturday I went out to the local Tripoli HPR launch and flew my L3 qualification flight.
I don't have a whole lot of pictures, but I have a few bits of data..Its a MadCow DX3 Massive Kit, I flew it on a CTI M1450 . The flight was a complete success 15587 ft altitude dual deployment with 24" drogue at apogee and a 96" main at 700 ft.

I learned some things about doing recovery in the process, some minor details, like swivels and shock cord sizing and protection. How to properly pack a parachute etc... hopefully I can transfer this knowledge to my next liquid project.


Joe said...

Congrats on the Level 3 Certification. The knowledge from the experienced flyers is worth a lot more than just the certification.

It is all about recovery. Start your design from there and most things go right.

Paul Breed said...

I got a fair bit of advice and info from one of the local L3 flyers, Joe Conway. Joe and I jointly built a 4" fiberglass bird that we flew a month ago.

heroineworshipper said...

Did the Appalachian Mountain club kick you out?

Liam said...

Paul could you please tell me more about your avionics package?

Thad Beier said...


Why is everybody trying to build liquid fueled launchers? It would seem to me that emulating the Scout is a heck of a lot more straightforward then emulating the Atlas. Staging solids would be relatively straightforward -- they are rugged, straightforward to ignite, burn predictably, don't need pressurization or pumps. Admittedly you give up a lot of specific impulse, and the fuel is more expensive, but you could save a lot of time -- and time is the one thing that we can never get more of.

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