Sunday, May 08, 2011

FAR weekend and progress....

My goals for my FAR weekend were :
  1. Deliver the tank mold I spent the last week making to continue the Joint peroxide tank development.
  2. Fly my autonomous helicopter again in preperation for my GPS IMU integration project.
  3. Strech goal use the helicopter to film a launch from above.
  4. Test my printed motor for the Third time to qualify the cat pack.
  5. Be a spectator and watch three really cool projects.
I drove out to FAR on Friday night. I got started a bit late and got stuck in Firday afternoon leaving town traffic. Some where near Adelnot I must of run over someones knife.
As I ended up with a flat tire. From the outside it looked like a bent over nail, or staple. Today when I had the tire fixed it turns out to be a knife blade(Inside the tire view.). The tire is a loss. I had hoped to get to FAR before dark to start setting up. Alas with traffic and the tire I got to FAR really late. It took 7 hours from my house to the site. (Normally takes 4) The site was really busy with lots going on.

I accomplished part of my list. I set up half the test stand Friday night before I went to bed, but Saturday had so many people working on som many projects I never got a break between projects to finish and fire. By 3PM I was worn out from the heat, and still needed to resolve getting my tire fixed, so I tore it back down and I'll do the fireing on the next FAR day Jun 3rd.

All the projects were fun to watch, alas I think only the sugar shot guys had a successful recovery. The two stage attempt had a wild disassembly followed by the 2nd stage firing straight down. The biggest coolest project was part of a TV program so I'm not sure they would want me to discuss the outcome.

I fired up the helicopter and the software and sensors still work,I successfully made some minor changes to the flight software and that worked. Alas a loose tail rotor prevented any attempt at getting the launch shot.

I delivered the tank mold form so I should see the first testable peroxide compatible tank in the next month.


Gla'funk said...

Just how did the blade manage to get stuck in like that? It couldn't have been flat on the ground right?

Anyways hope you have better luck next time; it's always interesting to read about Unreasonable Rocket and FAR goings-on.

-- Habitat Hermit / Glafunk

Paul Breed said...

I think that the front tire probably picked up the flat knife and tossed it up in the air and the rear tire caught it just worng.

heroineworshipper said...

Traffic really is a different beast in SoCal. Got to think in terms of Bangkok delays.

Thom Vincent said...

Glad to hear you are still plugging along. And, thanks for the update.

I was checking your blog every day for a couple weeks looking to get my vicarious FAR/RRS/liquid-fuel rocket fix. I get green with envy every time I read about you guys testing (or watching or working) out at FAR.

Is anybody aware of this type of (amateur, experimental) rocket testing facility in the Northeast or Midwest US? I'm not even referring to the ability to launch to high altitudes, just the ability to (legally) test large, loud, experimental, liquid propellant rocket engines.

I've looked into what it would take to set one up, but it seems like it would be a serious headache - and fairly expensive - to set one up from scratch.

Anybody have ideas, advice on this?


Paul Breed said...

I really want to leave california.
the lack of sites like FAR is a big reason I'm still here.

I would love to live in NH again, alas I don't know where I would do rocket testing.

I don't really have good advice. One might look to get permission to test in the local rock quary?

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Anonymous said...

I was checking your blog every day for a couple weeks looking to get my vicarious FAR/RRS/liquid-fuel rocket fix. I get green with envy every time I read about you guys testing (or watching or working) out at FAR.