Tuesday, October 05, 2010

First test part in the bag

My first tank part attempt is in the vacuum bag and should be curing. Its been 90 minutes since I mixed the resin and its still fluid and not getting warm yet....I hope I converted drops of hardner to grams correctly for the resin mix.

It is a cold evening so.....it could just be slow

Having resin that does not go off makes a nightmare.
In any case I doubt the first attempt will be pretty....

Update the resin in the mixing cup got hard, I peeled the vacuum bag blotter felt and peelply and the underlying composite is still tacky. (Its really cold and damp in San Diego today so I'll let it sit another 24hrs.)


Daniel Weise said...

Paul, thank you for this glimpse inside your world. The big question is - did it cure????

Paul Breed said...

The resin in the mixing cup went is now hard...so I stripped the vacuum bag, felt and peel ply, the underlying composite is still tacky, so I'll wait awhile till I mess with it.

Anonymous said...

Probably an obvious point, but curing time is extremely sensitive to temperature. Heat lamps of some kind next time.

Gracestefan said...

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