Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Some progress...

This weekend I worked on cleaning up my Garage.
I cleared the floor, two junk Tables and a cart. Everything I cleaned up now has a place. I still have piles on one bench and one cabinet. When those are done I need to start the task of going through all the storage containers, drawers etc.. and purge stuff I'm never going to use. A little bit more room would be really helpful. All in all I feel a lot better about the garage after putting three full days into it.

My Son and some of his friends went to burning man so just as I start to get a handle on the garage the truck comes back from Burning man filling the garage with dust covered stuff..... they have been working evenings getting it cleaned up so I can't really complain.

I tried to fill the porosity of my printed motor with some solder and I just could not get good penetration. It didn't stick to the stainless even using some fairly aggressive acid flux. As a result I redid my printed motor design for the DMLS process and had it quoted by GPI prototype. Their price was about 4X the Shapeways price, but the part is thinner and needs a lot less welding. (Its also about 2/3 of what I though it would be.) I ordered it Tuesday, so we should get it some time in the next two weeks. The parts on the DMLS "showcase" always look incredible. I asked them to give me the best possible price so please give it to be raw off the machine. It will be interesting to see the raw finish.

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