Saturday, January 02, 2010

Bucket List Item....

I've always wanted to watch a shuttle launch.
I saw the very first shuttle land at Edwards, but I've never seen an orbital launch of any kind.

After a little contact fishing I just received a VIP invite to watch STS-130. Thank you Will and Andrew!
This is a night launch so it should be spectacular.


David said...

I saw one of the very early flights in the 80s. I am thinking seriously about going again before they are complete. From my experience, I do suggest you plan a week after the original set date as delays happen. Use the time to the sights.

BTW: Nice to see you posting again.

Joe Stanton said...

I rode my motorcycle from West Palm Beach to the cape to see STS-01. It was delayed 2 days and I had to go back to school and I missed it. :-(

Hope you have a great view, Paul.

heroineworshipper said...

It pays to be a boss. Our boss would never allow time off for multiple trips to Fl*rida.

William said...

Glad I could help, even in a modest way. Enjoy the launch -- hope to see some commentary here on the blog afterwards!

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