Saturday, April 25, 2009

Still 90%

Worked really hard this week:

  • Fabricated electronics for and checked out Main Valve assembly.

  • Fabricated all of and tested 1/2 of the main system electronics.

  • Fabricated Electronics box.

  • Wired top end of the vehicle.

  • Assembled 100% of the plumbing.

One more long day and the silver vehicle /regen motor will be ready for a static test.

We had hoped to test this weekend, alas its not going to be. We still have to drive out to FAR on Sunday as we have committed to a customer test(Can’t talk about)  and we have a U-haul trailer attached to the truck with 1250 pounds of compressor and air drying equipment. I’ll try to show some pictures in the next few days.









Anonymous said...

The last 10% takes 90% of the work

Whamodyne said...

Heh, doing a home improvement project right now and am in the same boat.

Paul - I was looking at some of the pictures of your new regen motor. I was wondering, it looks like you have three fittings welded on at the end of the nozzle. I know that's where you are pumping in the H202 for cooling, but are you going to pump it in via three seperate hoses? To make sure an even distribution in the cooling channels?