Sunday, August 31, 2008

Test Results soon...

The Static test went off well. I still need to reduce data, but visually and audably it had good decomposition. The only technical faults were a problem with the auxilary data recorder (did not like the 200M Ethernet cable had to add a hub) and my brand new 2 month old video camera was DOA. So I recorded no video, but Charles Pooley got a good still shot from inside the block house. Thanks for all the good luck wishes.


This picture was partial throttle, we throttle the Peroxide, but the Permangenate runs at full tilt for the entire run so at low throttle we get an excess “Purple” haze. We Arrived about 7:30pm. We got the vehicle on the tower, strapped down and  were all ready to load propellants at 8:30pm. So we spent the night watching the glorious stars in an absolutly perfect evening, 75 degs and a light brreeze. We got up  loaded propellants and fireed at about 7:30 am. We were cleaned up and drving away by 9:00 am.



Anonymous said...

Hey that sounds like you've got your processes quite streamlined already.

Still some room and need for improvement of course. (How do you feel for the hour limit at the XPC?)

It is remarkable how complex hardware and procedures always get even starting from the most rigorous simplicity in concept and mindset.

Aerospike said...

It is good to hear that you are making constant progress. I really hope that you get everything ready until the LLC!

Best of Luck from Austria,