Saturday, February 16, 2008

Progress and thoughts...

I flew the helicopter in attitude hold mode today.
It worked perfectly. the autopilot flys a lot better than I do. On flight #2 the commercial off the shelf RC regulator failed and the servos acted very erratic.I set it down with no damage. More debugging Sunday.

My son and I spent the day at FAR, we went out to clean up our storage space, work on the site and watch a large 5K liquid test firing. The work on the site is the real sexy part of rocket development. I spent my morning repairing the outhouse door jamb and installing godzilla's own door closer. Maybe the Mojave winds wont rip the outhouse door off, again.

After a full day of checkout the large test was a no light with a frozen LOX valve. We were not involved other than as spectators. My son has been working with some people doing peroxide rockets of various forms,and the grass on that side of the fence looks a lot greener.... Use cheap nitrogen for a presurant gas, all your valves and plumbing are at room temperature, dense, reasonably clean. Possibly auto igniting in bi-prop mode after decomposition.... hummm....


Anonymous said...

Don't forget: John Carmack spent a *lot* of time and money proving that while it always looks greener on the other side of the fence, sometimes that's just because there's a lot more weeds... :)

Anonymous said...

Just to make my cryptic comment a little more clear: Mr. Carmack has several times pined for the simple days of mixed-monoprop... Except for the fact that after years of development it still didn't work...

Anonymous said...

I think, virtues of HTP should be well known to such an accomplished rocketeer as you are. A decision to go, switch or stay can and should be made with facts in hand. The situation changes should also be taken into account; for example, in Black Arrow times some believed the HTP is a rather cheap way to do rockets; this may not hold now. Or, a few years ago, Armadillo Aerospace left HTP area, citing availability problems; this may not be such a problem now.

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