Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Out of Town this week.

I went testing last weekend and have some more video. The testing raised more questions than it answered. I'll be back in town Friday and try to post some of the video and more commentary. I'm away at the freescale technology forum in Orlando. The cool non-rocket news is that the new Netburner product I designed, the Product Kit won the best in show award!

One question for the rocket geeks... I'm still having troubles getting the engine reliably lit. Is there any harm to a really long (A second or more) LOX lead?

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Anonymous said...

Only that you could have thermal problems (cryo-shock) in your chamber. Do a careful thermal anaysis of the chamber wall chill-down or you may blow it apart when Pc comes up. If your analysis shows that it can take the thermal stresses, flow away!