Friday, March 16, 2007

We have been busy...

Its 11:33PM and we just finished packing the truck.
Saturday we go out to the test site and test 3 things.

1)The 650LBF motor that we tried to fire last time.

2)A 250Lbf Motor in exactly the configuration we want for the NG-LLC.
This includes flight weight tanks and a torch igniter.

3)My Compressed Air stability software development vehicle.

The hardware is all 100% ready, both items #2, and #3 need a little software tweaking.
So rather than stay up all night, I'm going to get some sleep and work on it at the site. I may spend Saturday night and Test on Sunday as well.

I'll post video, results and news Sunday or Monday evening. I'm going to Space Access in Pheonix next weekend so if any regular readers are going make sure to say say hi.

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