Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What follows below is a "mind map" I put together 2 weeks ago to think about how to get to orbit.
Not every leaf of every branch needs to be evaluated. On some branches I only need one leaf to work the other can be abandoned.
The currently Active leaf's are Red

Decision Tree
Tank Technology:
Welded Aluminum
Irrigation Tube
HP 6061
Rolled Sheet
Electroformed Sphere
Wellmate Stock (Acquired samples)
Wellmate Re-wound
PET Stock/Reblown (acquired large PET bottles)
Pet Reblown inside Shell
RotoMolded in shell
Poly Bag Liner Test hardware has been fabricated

3D printed Regen
Aluminm A motor design was quickly done and sent out for quote. 3D printed price was acceptable. More than 3:1 variance in differnt vendors.
Fabricated Regen
Plated close
Saddle Jacket
Poly Heat Shring
Poly Cast
AL Tube?
HP Solid for Last stage Asked one of my solid friends to look at this.
GPS Selection
Piksi If we have a GPS it will likely be this.
Fiber  (ordered surplus fiber gyro from ebay wil use to evaluate different mems sensors.)

Presurization System
Blowdown with one intermediate valve
Liquid nitrous
       Presurized bottle and regulator.(If our composite tank ideas work as well as they seem to then this is not really a win as the blowdown tank tech from a mass standpoint is almost as good as hightech carbon wound presurant bottle.

PayLoad  (Cubesats have used CC1100 based radios to communicate so its a reasonable choice)
CC1100 based Custom
BigRedBee I have one of their 70cm tranmitters in hand, payload < 50gms possible.

Architecture trades
Custom C++
Trajectory Design
Custom C++
JSBSim (I think I've secured some help here that is very familiar with JSBSim) 
Control Laws higher fidelity sim
Hardware in Loop Testing
Mission Design
Wild Ideas
  Jet Lifter
Propellant Selection
Pressurant Burining?
Launch Location (Within in a month when the archetectures starts to shake out its time to go to FAA and start discussing this)
On a Boat?
On a Plane?
Traditional Range?
NM Space Port?
Space Fl?
Intermediate Testing
Limits to what can be tested at FAR?


Mike Sorrenti said...

Have you tried any software like XMind?

XMind (and maybe other software packages) help greatly in their ability to hide/show information selectively, letting you dive into particular areas.

Looking forward to following this "amateur sputnik" project!

qbert55ca said...

On the pressurization part of the rocket, you might be interested in this article I had flagged way back when...

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