Monday, May 11, 2015

Concept for a light weight clean electrically actuated valve.

Pyro valves have(an article written my Tom Mueller on amateur pyro valves) a long history in rocketry. The problem is they are not very reusable and for the amateur testing them and maintaining the system cleanliness necessary for a peroxide oxidizer are challenges.

One of the strongest man made fibers is Spectra or Dyema. One problem with spectra is that is very weak at elevated temperatures.   Here is my concept on using this to make an electrically actuated valve:

The golden thread is a Spectra loop with some nicrome wire wound in it.  Hit the nicrome with a electrical current it gets hot and the spectra fails.

Here is a split view of the closed valve:

When the spectra fails the purple plunger is released and the blue piston moves down the fitting. The purple plunger guides the piston to keep is from cocking while it moves down. When it hits bottom the purple piston falls away.  Here is a split view of the open valve. 

Not sure if this will work, but some time in the next few weeks I will fabricate a test article.


Steve Harrington said...

I guess you don't care about the O ring, but generally theses valves have a flat opening that as the o-ring slides by it doesn't get pushed along the groove and squeezed out.

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