Sunday, February 15, 2009


The Cat screens and Cat assembly is complete. The modified Motor for the Blue ball is 100% ready to test. We hope to test next weekend. Depending on how the 2009 LLC rules turn out we could be doing flight test in as little as two or as many as 10 weeks. If there is some rule advantage to flying the 90 second vehicle soon we are basically ready. If there is no advantage to flying that before the 180 second vehicle we are a 4 weeks away from doing a full up static test of the 180 second vehicle and probably 6 to 10 from flying it. After I finished the motor for the blue ball I spent an hour  aligning the Rotary table and rotary Table Tail stock. This was in preparation for cutting the slots in the aluminum regen motor for the 180 vehicle. After watching armadillos efforts on the 180 second vehicle with the various burn through issues or longevity with insufficient performance issues I’m somewhat convinced that one needs to run a regen motor to get to 180 seconds. John or someone else could easily prove me wrong, but thats my current opinion. Thanks again to armadillo for being so public about their process publishing both good results and bad.

 We have to run some materials out to the test site, so Monday (A holiday for Netburner.) will be lost to the  drive. We will be going out again at the end of the week to test.


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David said...

Excellent - one thing that really is outstanding from Armadillo is that their flights are rock solid in the air. It is also great they are still posting information. I think the number of flights they have has really refined their flight systems. I know there is a significant expense thought it would be good to have many flights and a few full length flights before the next event. I also agree with you that a regen motor is the way to go for the 180 - I am keen to see how you go. I would like to be there unfortunately not possible.