Thursday, February 19, 2009

Motor welded up... Almost...

How it all goes together. The bare chamber


1/2 The split throat outer on the chamber


Both halves of the split throat outer on the chamber.


End of the motor assembled (Rear outer not installed, its really just a sleeve.)


Detail showing the fit between the chamber outer and inner.


Detail of the end where passages end and go into the chamber above the cat pack


All welded up




Lastly doing the water flow showing no leaks on the bottom and all cooling channels are open and free.


I still have to work on the top end closure and top side catalyst retainer, but its really close and I’m happy with the results.


Iain said...

Out of curiosity, what are the extra fittings on the outside of chamber for? Are they to get Pc measurments?

Ben Brockert said...

Fantastic update, Paul. Nice job on the engine, it looks great. Are you expecting to have it one this weekend, or when's the next FAR trip?

Paul Breed said...

One of the fittings is PC, the other is going to be a temp probe. We are worried about catalyst heat soak after running so that will set the purge time.

We will be out at FAR this motor will not be ready. It should be reay in about 2 weeks. We will be static testin the blu ball with a "sivler" screen monoprop catalyst pack.

Anonymous said...


Keep up the good work. We're rooting for you guys. Would love for you to put us in your blog list. Thought you'd like to read our latest post about your efforts...

Lee Valentine said...


Looks great.


noel.wade said...

Lookin' Goooooood! Its always awesome to see how far the fabrication-level and design-refinement has evolved over the course of your work, from the beginning to now. :-)

George Katz said...

That's excellent work Paul! I'm really looking forward to the test report. It's amazing what people can build at home these days.

Anonymous said...

WOW, beautiful engine & nice images! Keep up the great work, you seem to have gotten into a super start for this year!!

Bob Steinke said...


Injecting the peroxide straight from the cooling passages around the top edge of the cat pack is an interesting idea. My first thought was that it would avoid needing any kind of spreader plate. My second thought was that it would increase channeling around the edges of the cat pack, but my third thought was that maybe a little channeling is not so bad in a biprop. It will get burned with the fuel eventually, and might provide some film cooling.

Paul Breed said...

We do have a sintered stainless diffuser plate between the side injectors and the cat pack.
I'm still working on retaining it all in a way that does not block any flow passages.

John Carmack said...

How much bigger did you make the engine throat for the silver screen monoprop? You definitely won't be able to get the chamber pressure that you got with the liquid catalyst when it was running well.

What is the L* of this engine, post-catalyst pack?

David said...

Top notch photos. Very nice and clean welding of the Aluminium. It is far from easy to get such a nice result. Very educational - fantastic.

Paul Breed said...

The Engine we are testin this weekend is just last years blue ball motor with a new top. I want to do an alles to apples compare.
After that we may build a larger throat.

This motor has an after pack L* of 40.

Gabriel said...

As always ;-), very interesting work. Beautiful engine.

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