Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Simple error hours of work....

I’m building a screen based catalyst for the blue ball. Unfortunately I can’t talk much about the catalyst construction, I have a NDA with a third party that covers parts of the design I have parts that are from public sources and parts are my own creation alas its hard to tell what part  I’m free to discuss here so I won’t really give any details. One of the steps in the process involves cutting about 100 disks from some screen material. I want these to be fairly tight in the bore of the cat holder, so I measured precisely , twice and got the disks all cut at thunderbird  water-jet. After all the subsequent processing the disks were all about 0.05” too big. They bowed big time when forced into the bore.  So I spent my evening building a fixture for the CNC mill that precisely places the slightly too big disk, clamps it around the edges and then mills off 0.05” from the diameter. In the final process I did the disks 6 at a time with a clamp, rotate 90 degrees and re-clamp step in the middle. It took me about 2.5 hours AFTER I built the fixture.  Arghhhhh. In any case I’m going to go to bed before 11:30!!! What a treat. Remember boys and girls sleep is a no credit elective!

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David said...

Hopefully it works out for you as the catalyst have not been working as well as planned so far. I was thinking its time to go back to LOX.

I am glad your getting some commercial interest and possibly some income from it. Obviously, the other side is restricted updates.

Hopefully, you do find commercial success while still being able to provide future updates.