Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Action shot...

For weeks the suspense has been building…. I’m making the last cuts on the aluminum chamber.

The Second Passage (Too nervous watching to catch first pass)


A third of the way around….the black line is a Sharpie ink mark not a cut.


It should be done by morning.  I’m going to bed and my Son is Babysitting the mill.

I live about a mile inland from the beach in California, we get a lot of salt air, everything rusts. You can see rust on the mill even though that spray you see going everywhere has soluble oil in it. This setup was about two inches too long to put the normal spray guards on the mill so I’m trying to keep the lubricant in the mill with some Plexiglas pieces. I’m getting coolant on EVERY thing.




heroineworshipper said...

One day you're going to be up to the 12 hours of lapping traditionally required to make rocket engine parts. It seems inevitable with rocket engines.

Anonymous said...

Great photos - it really illustrates the channels and how its going to work. I must admit this has inspired me to research regen motors further. I am impressed - next step the construction of the jacket(s).

AjayKM said...

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