Saturday, February 21, 2009

Good Results.

Today we tested a new catalyst pack for the blue ball. This is not the motor that we have been machining recently, its a new solid catalyst for the older stainless motor we flew last year. The test was almost perfect. We had no setup issues and everything just worked. The catalyst warmed up on the first burp and ran really well.

I have not yet reduced the data, but visually and audibly it was a better catalyst than anything we have run to date. There is a lot of literature and contradictory information on peroxide catalysts. I’ve personally watched others struggle to get a catalyst to work. A few posts ago I mentioned that I could not really talk about the catalyst design, I still can’t talk about the design, but I can offer some background. I’m always surprised by the number and scope of people that follow along on our journey.  One of the people that stops in from time to time is Anthony Cesaroni of Cesaroni Technologies.  He offered to help me with a known good catalyst recipe. Its a traditional peroxide catalyst, but Anthony provided me with an exact recipe and some tips on subtle mechanical issues I would have never figured out on my own. All I can say is it works exactly as advertised, I followed the recipe and it worked perfectly on the first firing.

I’ve posted two of the most Boeing you tube videos in history. You see absolutely nothing, which is as it should be for a properly working peroxide catalyst.


I’ll have some comments on the recorded data in the next few days.I know I got data and I have not had time to look at in in detail.


noel.wade said...

Awesome vids - "boring" and all. :-) Glad to see you guys getting positive catalyst results. Hope its a good stepping-stone to future successes!


David said...

Excellent - I was starting to think the catalyst issue was to much of a problem and move to other fuel. This makes the game more interesting.
BTW: Now consider adding a smoke device or seeding so we can see the trail :-).