Thursday, October 16, 2008

Were Done for the Year.

Keven met us at FAR and we tried a 90 second hover. We just did not have enough thrust to lift the vehicle with the fuel necessary for a 90 second flight. We had margin in the system design, but not enough.

We never did get the mixing to work well enough to get proper decomposition. This lowered ISP meant more fuel to carry, higher liftoff pressures and higher flow rates on the flow orfices, we had some margin in each area, but the low ISP and poor mixing ovewelmed the margin. We can fly for 60 seconds, maybe even 75, but not 90 seconds with 25Kg of payload. We will try again in 2009 if there are prizes remaining.

 I assume that at least the 180 second the 2nd place prize will be unwon.

I’m going to take some time off and relax, I want to thank all the people that have wished us well and folowed our journey. I also want to wish the Armadillo and truezero teams good luck.


Jon Goff said...

That's a real bummer Paul. It was impressive how much you accomplished though. And I agree with your assessment on there probably being at least some prize money left over next year. Even second place on L2 would more than pay for the development of an L2 capable vehicle by just about any team.


Tim said...

My congratulations and respect on a noble effort. Your team exemplifies the true amateur spirit. Good luck in the future!

Bob Brassell said...

Paul..... great work.

Sorry to see it end up just a bit short, but what you have achieved is outstanding.

I have been following your work through this blog for a long time. It is a daily ritual to check in. This is my first posted comment.

Your achievements to date are amazing and your dedication to the project is something anyone should be proud of.

I know what it is like scrambling to meet a critical deadline. You have definately earned the time off! Enjoy it.

Bob Brassell
Cleveland, OH

455rocket said...

It was a great effort and I'm sure you'll make further great progress in the future. All the best. Phil.

Anonymous said...

You and PJ have been inspiring. Enjoy your down time!

William said...

I just wanted to join the chorus and wish you and other-Paul congratulations on what you've accomplished thus far. We were all hoping to see you fly there, but we're incredibly proud of what you've done, and confident we'll hear more from you in the future. Kudos.

john hare said...

You've done a lot with a little. I respect that. Me too on well wishes and better luck next year.

Darnell Clayton said...

That is so sad to hear. You will be missed. :-(


Anonymous said...

Another "thank you" from the shadows. I also log on daily to see how you are doing, but I have never posted. Not only do I enjoy your openness, but I enjoy seeing the old style of competition among gentlemen such as yourself among the private competitors. I am sorry you will not be competing this year. My best wishes to you and your son for the future!

Jerry in Tucson

Nick said...

I don't have a really substantive point to make other than that it has been a real pleasure reading of your progress up to the LLC and I hope you achieve whatever you aim for next year.

Paul Breed said...

>I enjoy seeing the old style of
>competition among gentlemen such as >yourself among the private
Thanks for that.

From the very beginning before we had fired our first rocket motor John of Armadillo answered my E-mail questions promptly and accurately. I hope to emulate the same standard of openness.

Last year we gave Armadillo fuel filters off our static display unit, this year we helped True Zero find Peroxide.

We want everyone to do well.
We want to compete at the event not behind the scenes in the shadows.

Alexander DeClama said...

This is a bummer. I was hoping you guys would make it. Better luck next year.

Anonymous said...

What could I add more... I was (and still I am) rooting for you and read about your effort. Despite of as You say "You're done for the year" your acheivement is great anyways.

Once again congrats from Poland, and hope that you do not give up completely, and that you'll continue next year.


Ben Reytblat said...

Hi, Paul,

Congrats on the tremendous effort! It's been great following your progress. And I'm very sorry you had to bow out at the last moment.

Have you folks considered trying to make lemonade out of the lemon? For the next week or so, while T0 and Armadillo are in NM, you have the only flying VTVL vehicle that's not otherwise occupied. Ok, this might be a little bit of a stretch - I don't know about BlueOrigin, but you might be able to react a lot quicker....

Would this be a good time to set some VTVL altitude records? I understand that getting into the Guinness book is not as good as getting $$$, but as a friend of mine says, "Better than a sharp stick in the eye".....