Thursday, October 02, 2008

Notes and Video

(This post won’t make sense witout the previous one) After reviewing the data I think we have two problems. We have some kind of issue with te Motor and consistant throttlings. It may be as simple as having the magnetic sensor that monitors the throttle valve position be wrong/loose.

The second problem is a heavy weights it vibrates a lot more this is causing problems measuring the GPS velocity, feeding back into the target pitch/roll to hold position loop causing the osscilation you see at increasing amplitudes on the video.

No decision on plans for this year. I need to look carefully at the damage.

Here is the video of the fateful flight. (I found it very difficult to watch) I’m still not sure how a vent on top of the vehicle can spray peroxide everywhere when the tank is less than 1/2 full.

Good news we got data right up the the end of the flight, the remote commanded shutdown of the vehicle works, the tethers and vehicle structure worked as designed , and the peroxide cleaned most of the spilled purple menace off of the pad. (It also damaged the tether ropes enough that they need to be replaced)


kert said...

Ouch, that was sad to watch. But it doesnt look _too_ bad, your airframe is still in one piece.
Hope it works out for the best !

I was about to ask in a previous post comment about whether it would be wise to have a simple small winch reeling the tethers in and out during the flight so that there would be only a slight slack, according to the flight profile ?

But then, one does not really expect to do a lot of tethered testing, so that would maybe overcomplicating things.

Timothy J. Massey said...

Good news we got data right up the the end of the flight, the remote commanded shutdown of the vehicle works, the tethers and vehicle structure worked as designed , and the peroxide cleaned most of the spilled purple menace off of the pad.

You, sir, are an incredible optimist! :)

I wish there were something incredibly motivating I could say about this entire thing. I can't. I just wanted to write saying thank you for including us on this journey--even the bad parts. No matter what happens, it has been amazing to watch, even from a distance.

amphlett said...

I've been quitely following your endeavour since the start of this blog. Have to say that is a real blow. But you mentioned just a few days ago John M's comment about not getting too attached to any one vehicle, and I suspect this will really help with that.

I'm guessing the biggest danger now for most people would be the temptation to improve something whilst rebuilding. Getting back to you're last known good point and moving forward from there has to be a better plan.

Whatever path forward you choose, just want to say you're an inspiration. Thanks for sharing this with us all, and I hope you can continue to

Anonymous said...

God bless.

-Adam Greenwood

JanSolo said...

Hi, What's this 'Purple Menace' thing I keep hearing about?

Is it something to do with the dark-looking plume that comes out of your motor?

I'd love to know what causes the dark plume. Mono-prop engines surely should have pretty uniform exhausts while running.