Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Two weeks from Today...

We need to leave for the XPC two weeks from Today.
We are going to try and test very early Wednesday morning (If Kevin can make it).
(Scrubbed, our repaired quick disconnect broke. Parts arrive Wednesday.
we will try for Friday morning.)

We are also going to try and test either Saturday or Sunday.
(Depends on people and Scheduling at FAR and the ability to clear the area of the uninvolved.)

If we have not completed the 90 second tether and the free flight by Monday we are realistically done for the year. Its been a real push to get everything done and the lack of sleep is starting to wear on me. I'm at the point where the push to complete is taking a toll across a broad spectrum of life, physical, emotional, relationships, work are all strained.

I've been pushing for 18 months so I can push for 16 more days, but I'm looking forward to Oct 26th one way or the other.

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