Friday, October 03, 2008


  • We built tested and installed a new emergency vent valve to replace the one that got snapped off.

  • We finished rewireing the top end of the vehicle.

  • We repaired the bent vane mount.

  • We modified the motor so we can change catalyst orifice sizes.

We are waiting on several next day parts orders but the tasks for today are:

  • Reassemble and calibrate the vane actuators.

  • Change the position feedback on the main valve to be more robust and visually verifiable.

  • Redo the bottom end wireing

  • Buy more Tether (clmbbing rope)

  • Replace a damaged battery

  • Replace all the battery tie down straps as they were damaged by the peroxide.

  • Replace the 1” Peroxide check valve with a 1.5” checkvalve.  (One of the parts we are wating for)






Anonymous said...

What is your plan for the instability?

Damien said...

Good to hear that you keep trying !

Anonymous said...

Is there not a way to use a constant force spring to secure your tether?