Monday, March 31, 2008

Sphere vehicle rough rendering


There are a bunch of details missing such as braces for the motor,electronics boxes, jet vanes vents etc…. but it’s aproximatly right.


Anonymous said...

I think NASA found in the LM design process that out you tip over easily if you have just 3 feet, unless you make them very wide. A more mass efficient solution is to have 4 feet in a narrower configuration.

Of course, there are probably a huge amount of variables and fudge factors there.

I think you could go with carbon fiber here, no? They are rods after all, and weight here is very important.

Anonymous said...

I think you should use motorcycle forks for landing gear.
for example.
A 2004 Yamaha ttr 225 front fork assembly from
is $503
Part # 4VW-F3102-22-00
Depending on your vehicle weight, you could use a fork from the appropriate motorcycle.
Then, when your vehicle crashes, you don't have to make the parts over again, you can just buy them.

Paul Breed said...

The landing gear is the 2nd heaviest component on the vehicle. Weight matters.
We are also using the tubular sections of the landing gear as permangenate tanks.

We looked at the motorcycle shocks and they would be too heavy.

Anonymous said...

Aren't you afraid of tipping over the vehicle during landing? (Like armadillo)
From that rendering, the base seems rather narrow and the CG is not at the bottom.