Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Autonmous Hover

I just finished flying out an entire Trex battery pack in 3 axis autonomous position hold hover. (Altitude was still manual) I set the reference position landed, moved the helicopter and it returned to the commanded position from 10 yards away with displacements both north and east of target. Hover never seemed to deviate by more than 1.5m from center. At one point the hold position moved about 1m in a pronounced step, I have not analized the telemetry yet, but I assume this was a change in the GPS sats tracked. This was done with the Hemisphere GPS in 20Hz update mode, but without the differential corrections. I will attempt to acquire video to bring with me to space access. I’ll post telmetry details later tonight.  


Anonymous said...

Wonder how it did on 10Hz GPS. Having a 600 size airframe & carrier phase GPS must make a big difference.

Paul Breed said...

I went out at Lunch today and captured some video, including some altitude hold stuff, completely hands off. No chance to review data, but the raw video is sweet.