Monday, March 17, 2008

Data Results

We went back out and reran the test after the purple nighmare.


Here is the pressure data from the decomposition test. Note that the chamber pressure dropped off more than the feed presure did this makes me think the excess permangnate at startup had a positive effect and we would benifit from from some kind of screen in the chamber to hold the reactant products longer. Note how the feed pressure drops off rapidly when the peroxide runs out.



Here is the data with thermocouple voltage data added. One channel did not work at all and the data is very puzzeling. TC1 (not shown) is at the exit with TC2,TC3,TC4 getting closer to the Injector end. Either I have my wireing notes wrong (possible) or I don’t understand the data.Why would the thermocouple in the middle be lower than the one on the ends?I have not calibrated the thermocouple data, its displaying scaled RAW A/D counts. From the noise its clear I need to work on my TC amplifer some more.

Here is the video from the test series




455rocket said...

The successful decomposition test looked and sounded great! Would be great to see the thermocouple data/peak temperatures once thermal equilibrium is achieved.

Anonymous said...

What is the thermal mass around your probes. They may be impacting the response of the probe at different points.