Sunday, March 09, 2008

Helicopter Tanks and Shuttle

HelicopterI’ve got the helicopter flying in attitude hold more, but I have not yet turned on the postion hold software. I want to review the data from an atitude hold flight before turning on the position hold. So I went out and flew the helicopter again today. Data records fine at home, it records fine according to the lights on the recording unit, alas when I get home and look at the SD card no data. Arghhhhh….

Tanks We did a lot of prep work on the tanks today, we figured out what brackets, fittings etc… need to be welded on. I also machined some Aluminum sanitary fittings for the main propellant line. My  mcMaster sanitary parts arrive on Monday so I’ll see how well I did with the aluminum ones on Monday. One of the hemispheres has a stress crack that goes all the way through. I hope this is not an omen for the whole set of 6. I think I can probably stop drill the cracks, grind them out and weld patches over them, but its less than ideal. We’ll save that hemisphere for last.

Shuttle One of my long term really want do to items is to watch a shuttle launch. I’ve seen it land 3 times (including the very first time), I’ve never seen it launch. Tuesdays launch will be a night time launch and should be quite spectacular. I came real close to hopping on southwest and flying out to florida to see the launch. I would have cost me $800 two days of works work and at least one day of Unreaosnable work and in the end I decided that I really want the time to work on Unreasonable. We are so close to having every thing come together for the new 90 second vehicle. So I’ll try to be less impulsive and plan ahead to go see the next launch.


heroineworshipper said...

The guy at Neural Robotics said he's using non differential L1 GPS. That's probably the Novatel OEM-V1. The edge is probably velocity from carrier phase tracking.

John Carmack said...

A warning: it is very, very easy to warp the hemispheres when welding in slosh baffles!

John Carmack