Tuesday, September 01, 2009

My weekend with the Stainless Bully...

Team Phoneicia's blog had a quote Aluminum is your friend stainless is the sadistic bully from third grade. The part above has not been cleaned up yet, but its basically done it started out as a 1" thick 8" diameter 316 stainless. The back side is taped for the nozzles, all I have to do is clean up and drill the holes coming in from the stubs sticking out.


David said...

Wow - very nice piece of work. The mill was working over time. So are you using a swirl injector at the three main points for your Kerosene or an alternate? Either way looks very nice - shame to subject it to all that head and pressure.... nah cannot wait for this to be tested.

Carl Tedesco said...


Will Baird said...

Impressive piece there, Paul. Most impressive.

I think you beat the bully there in the end.

Paul Breed said...

The only thing left to do after the picture was taken is drill three holes in from the edge...
The first two went fin, on the very last hole the Carbinde drill snaped off in the material.

I now know where to go in San Diego to have broken bits and taps EDMed out. They did it quickly and only charged me $20.00 , so the Bully got in the last parting shot.

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