Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Flight Dates...

I can finally be public about our flight attempt dates.
We will be flying the last two days of the contest.
October 30 and October 31st at FAR. This gives us the maximum time to prepare and guarantees that we know what we are aiming for for given any tie breakers.

You can see the Xprize press release here
(I could not find it on the xpf site so I linked to Space transport news instead.)

Some notes on the other dates:

Masten has reserved October 28,29 so that means any not-yet registered teams could
fly on the 26t/27th in the Mojave area or earlier else where.

This in effect moves the registration deadline for any other teams up to
September 9th or September 12th

If Armadillo fails on the 12th-13th they can register to try again and just sneak in under the time window. In talking to others it somewhat clear that Armadillo choose the latest date that would allow them to try again.


Anonymous said...

I know what happened to TrueZer0, but whatever happened to BonnNova? Did they just sort of flutter away into a cloud of fashion accessories? I saw a video of a very lightweight rocket fly briefly.

David said...

I wish you the best Paul. Giving yourself the most amount of time is a good approach though I hope your ready earlier so there is not last minute rush. Good luck and don't burn out over the next two months.

Jon Goff said...

I'm not sure where they're at technically, but the Bon Nova guys are renting the test site right next to ours in Mojave, and we saw them out there with their vehicle just yesterday. So I would characterize them as still alive and kicking. That said, we didn't want to intrude, so I didn't stop by to ask how things were going.


Anonymous said...

RE: BonNova, glad they are still in the game. The whole "creative director" aspect sort of seems odd and whacky, apparently it is not distracting the team from working towards their goal.

RE: Unreasonable, good stuff going on with you, I am just a bystander. I was at the 2007 Wirefly sponsored event at White Sands / Holloman, and believe I did see some of your stuff, though I was focussed on freeway frisbees (armadillos).

Anonymous said...

about xprise website, they have such outdated news and such that i am amazed that they can do anything. i get the impression they have one two 22 year old girls in the office who do their nails and drink lattes all day and dont bother doing anyting until the boss walks in, and then that is just shuffle nail supplies into the drawer. bozos, but bozos who got money funded.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
John said...

'Anonymous' has a sick case of the nasties.

Joe said...

BonNova just fired a redhot engine for a good duration. I posted this here as it came up on Google though I see the comments are a bit dated, though why is the date not shown, just the time?

Anonymous said...

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