Friday, September 04, 2009

FAR FAR Away again...

I just finished packing for a trip to FAR on Saturday, we will be attempting a 90 second tethered hover with the blue ball. This includes the live video so all the rules requirements for the vehicle are complete. Other than resolve the heavy weight stability issues we have no more fabrication
to do on the blue ball.

On the Silver ball I finished slotting the stainless chamber and machining the injector plate. Both parts were dropped off to be flame sprayed with a thermal barrier coating today.
(Last time I went by the flame spray shop the gave me a quick shop tour and it looked like there were a bunch of merlin sized chambers in there to be sprayed.

I also dropped the next set of catalyst screens off to be plated.

Next week if all goes well the silver ball will be hardware complete.


David said...

That is really good news. Well done.
Good luck with the test flight.

Iain said...

Good luck this weekend!
Look foward to seeing the silver ball all complete!