Saturday, January 19, 2008

Two controls down, two (hard ones )to go

I flew the helicopter this morning.
First time with altitude hold. The Autopilot does a MUCH better job of altitude hold than I do. Next Up (Sunday?) Pitch and Roll. this was also the first flight with airborne video, I'm not going to post the video because the camera was oscillating up and down and watching it makes one sea sick.
(I also pointed it too far down so 8 minutes of the dirt in a dirt parking lot would not be worth much.) I'll try to improve the angle and the mount before the next flight. The Ultimate Camera Helicopter would be: (, or maybe

The next steps will be

1)Pitch and Roll to Elevator and Alieron PIDs, where the RC system provides commanded pitch and roll angles.

2)Vforward and Vright velocities provide Desired Pitch and Roll where the RC system
provides desired Vforward and Vright.

3)GPS position hold -> Gives desired Vnorth and Veast ->yielding desired Vforward and Vright.

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