Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Quick test flight.

I fully checked out the power system and added a completely 100% separate regulator for the receiver. I re did the bearings in the blade grips and I then flew the helicopter this morning before work. The flight was uneventful. I left the telemetry receiver sitting in the front seat of the truck and this caused telemetry dropouts. Up to now the telemetry reception has been 100% perfect. The display software was ignoring the checksums and size checks, after todays flight I need to fix that as partial data frames make for really strange data. This will be tonights task. The next test flight will test altitude hold.

P.S. any GPS internals experts out there reading the blog? I would like to put together a low cost open source L1 code differential solution and or carrier phase RTK solution. I think this would be a very valuable tool for a lot of interesting robot, uav, helicopter, rocket etc... projects.
I even willing to subsidize the effort with some $.

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