Thursday, January 24, 2008

New GPS boards...

The adapter board to wire up the new GPS arrived on Tuesday,
I finally got to assemble them today. I've got to make a shield can for the helicopter and an antenna mount for the Telemetry suitcase and I can start testing with the differential GPS. Tonight the GPS is hooked up to the antenna on my roof and I'll record 12 hours at 10Hz and see how much things move around. the picture below shows that my house has moved 4.36M in altitude and 1.29 and 2.77 in lat and lon since I started the GPS recording positions 4 hours ago.
Not too bad for an unaided GPS iin the rain partially under a tree.


heroineworshipper said...

So where'd you get a DGPS base station and how much did it cost?

Paul Breed said...

I bought a pair of Hemisphere GPS boards from

I'm using the Hemisphere RTK software.

Contact Navtech for a price quote.

STARLITE said...

It’s a compact solution for adding GPS functionality to your device.Which is LEA-6S, high performance u-blox 6 positioning engine.