Friday, March 02, 2007

Our first Mach diamonds.

Tonight I tested my igniter. It fired correctly on the first attempt.
I did not get chamber pressure so I need to figure that out before I fire it again.
In any case we made our first Mach diamonds.

Enjoy the video...(You tube)
Larger Version on my server.


galaxy said...

Congratulations, it looks very nice!
I assume you are using LOX/ethanol for your igniter?
Where do you plan to put your igniter on the motor: on top, on the side?

Paul Breed said...

If you see the picture of injector face, the igniter comes out about half way from the Pintile to the rim facing vertically down.

I'll have pictures of the finished assembly before the weekend is out.

Anonymous said...

Very cool !! Congratz !