Sunday, June 12, 2016

Slides from Space Access.. 2016

Here is a link to my Space Access 2016 slides..

Some pictures if you don't want to mess with PPT...


Damien said...
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Damien said...

Thanks for posting. I think your contribution of documenting your progress/reflections/results is just as valuable as the work itself. Even if you don't reach your final objective (and statistically, you won't, though I sincerely believe you will), at least you will leave something behind to inspire others, and let others build up on your work (+ avoid repeating mistakes).

So, please keep posting! Thanks!

Paul Breed said...

That is kinda the whole point of the blog... I did a better job of documenting things in the early days...
It comes down to time, write a blog post or work on something...

heroineworshipper said...

Is that a My Little Pony with GPS guidance & rocket propulsion? It's tough to be a hobbyist nowadays, with Musk fulfilling all the hobbyist ideas on a much bigger scale in much less time. Still remember how insane it was for John Carmack to relight an engine in flight for a powered landing & how long hobbyists toiled over powered landing spheres.

James Lackey said...

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Bob Steinke said...


What is the diameter of the GPS Raw sampler in the slides? It occurs to me that other people could fly it for you if you need to collect a lot of data and it's a drain on your time.

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