Monday, January 26, 2009

Inside Outside...

I know what the iinside of my chamber looks like, now to figure out the outside. I know what pressure drop I’m planning on at max flow in the jacket. So I need to figure out how many cooling channels and their width and depth. This is a bit of a black art so I drew up one pssible channel configuration and milled it as a slot in some aluminum. I then bolted a face plate against it. I put 18 PSI water pressure in one end and captured 10 seconds of flow that I weighed it was 390 gm. This was about 30 to 50% higher than I wanted. So I need to make them smaller, or reduce their number.  I also sent the cad model of my slot to my friends at flowmetrics and Carl was going to run a CFD check to see if experiment and simulation agree. The one big benifit to doing the simulation over the experiment is that it wont spray water on the front of your pants making the neighbors  think you had an accident. It will also allow one to do some proper heat flow analysis.


The test plate on the garage sink


The Lathe mount I worked on for several days. The boreing bar is 11” long to the face of the holder. This solid peice replaces the rotatable stock secondary slide. (Look up a birmingham or grizzly 13x40 lathe for a picture)

Lastly the motor insides I bored out of solid block of aluminum:













David said...

Do you have a sketch of the engine your building. I decided to have a look around the net and there is not a lot of information in terms of cooling jackets where most where simply a tube over the whole engine resulting in a lot of (possibly excess)cooling fluid. I would also worry about air pockets and such. When you look at commercial engines they do not have this arrangement IT is obviously thin (and as you have indicated maybe small channels). A technical drawing (in accurate if necessary to protect what you are doing) would be great to look at as the general construction is very interesting to me.

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