Wednesday, December 03, 2008

New FAA rules.

The new FAA amateur rules were released today. It looks like they will be officially published on the 4th and become effective on Feb 2nd.  Since this removes the burn time limit and requires nothing more than ATC notification for flights in  uncontrolled airspace more than 5 miles from an airport, it basically means ZERO paperwork for the testing and development of a hovering LLC class vehicle that stays under 200K lb/secs of total impulse.  I’m practically giddy!


Dick said...

Zero? Really? Unless I'm missing something, any rocket over what they are calling class 1 still requires some paperwork. Even class 2 will require a waiver with 45 days notice.

Paul Breed said...

The key is any rocket requiring a waiver or authorization.

The waiver/authorization is for flying into potentially controlled airspace. Since I won't be higher than 110M well below 500ft then I'm not in controlled airspace so no waiver/authorization needed.
I do believe this may have been an over site on the part of the FAA, but the rules comment specifically says:

Hence, the proposed launches that previously required a license or permit, now would only require a waiver or authorization from the FAA, and only if operating beyond the limitations listed in §§ 101.25 or 101.26. These imitations include
operating in controlled airspace and within 8 kilometers (5 miles) of any airport boundary without prior authorization by the FAA.

Since I would not be in controlled airspace and I'm more than 5 miles from an airport I don't think I need anything.

This does not really work for the normal HPR because (at least in CA) its is very very hard to find anyplace where the airspace above 1200 ft AGL is uncontrolled class G. Also anywhere in the contental US anything over 18K ft MSL is positive control class a airspace.

Dick said...

Ahhh ICIC. Thanks for the clarification. I must have breezed over the controlled airspace part since our launches always enter that airspace :)

R2K said...

Yeah I dont get the classifications really... but it doesnt matter much since the BATF regulations and LEUP process are more annoying for me and more restrictive (cost more). Lets wait for a ATF change.