Monday, September 22, 2008


When I started this project I wanted to show that significant things could be accomplished by a very small team. With our recent successful flights we have in some ways reached that first goal. We are going to keep striving to compete at the NGLLC, but it also seems like a fitting time to acknowledge some success and explicitly  thank some people:

My son Paul. It has been a privilege to spend the last 18 months working so closely with my son. He has done most of the non-electronic physical fabrication. He has also been invaluable is a huge number of logistics issues like making sure we have a crane, propellant, catalyst etc…. The project would not be remotely possible without him. When I was his age I spent two years working on a race boat project with my Father, I know it is not always easy.

My Wife Mariellen.  My Wife has been 100% supportive of me and my insane project. She has helped me keep an even keel during the inevitable ups and downs. She has been completly selfless as my Son and I have been absorbed by the project. Without her assistance none of  our progress  to date would be possible.

Charles Pooley of Microlaunchers. Charles has spent many many long days and nights at the FAR site providing us a helping hand. He has offered countless small suggestions. he is an invaluable resource into the history and methods of rocketry at all levels. He has always been available to help and has been an invaluable member of the team.

Beyond these three there are dozens and dozens who have helped, in no particular order, Steve and Carl of Flometrics, Bob our welder, Tom and the rest of my coworkers at Netburner, Kevin, Mark and Ted of FAR, John Newman,  John Carmack and the whole Armadillo team, David Weinshenker ,Mike Carden of XL space systems, Mike Kelly, Wynn  and Nick on my FAA team, and many many more.


Jerry Irvine said...

Congrats on the successful hover test. Hope the HTP I supplied was helpful, some free then some at cost.

I think the direction you are going with this is very interesting.


Habitat Hermit said...

Congratulations, you and your team are inspiring.

Steve said...

For better engine performance without having to go to a regen, just film cool your peroxide motor with some hydrocarbon like gasoline. The fuel will cool the walls and add heat and volume to the exhaust.