Wednesday, September 10, 2008


If all goes well we will do a tethered hover this weekend. We have worked on this for close to two years. This weekends test comes with a good bit of fear, not physical fear, but emotional fear, its hard to work on a complicated project for this long and not have a million small doubts. 

One could always wish for another 6 months to test everything 9 ways from sunday, but eventually you have to give it a try. The helicopter is almost exactly  flying the hover test profile we want to fly. I’m a little concerned that we don’t know the exact gains for the throttle valve so I’m going to do a test of the helicopter where the software attempts to learn the helicopters collective gains in real time in flight. I’ll use this on the vehicle. (Update Thursday mornings helicopter gain test worked as planned)


Marcus said...

This is great news!

I really hope, that your learning software works as intended and the tests will work out (at least roughly) as intended!

Best of luck to you from Austria

Lee said...

Great. Congratulations and good luck.

Anonymous said...

Bast lock to You from Poland

Steve said...

wrap the vehicle with bubble wrap before flight, According to Murphy's law, it must crash.

Ben Brockert said...

Best of luck, Paul. Did you go through the FAA waiver process for that testing as well?

Sorry I didn't see you when you stopped by the shop the other day. Give us some warning next time. We'll be here tomorrow if you stop by again.

Paul Breed said...

Yes we have a waver in place, but we are flying under the 14.99 sec amateur rule this weekend.
(The waiver requires that all uninvolved parties be 1.5 miles away and its a PRS weekend this weekend so too many uninvolved people)