Saturday, June 14, 2008


I’ts 4:45 am I have the its to early pukeing feeling. We are going to the desert to test. The vehicle is 100% physically complete. Every bracket, valve, cable, screw, nut and bolt. I still have some software to do, but the physical part is done. If this were more than a static test we would probably not meet the crew rest rules.

I’v finished the revised application and submitted it. I expect it to be declared complete enough.

I’m out of town all next week, I’ll try to post results before I leave.




Blogger wvijvers said...

Good luck, Pauls! Hope that the test goes well and you will have some good news to report.

Best wishes,

10:12 AM  
Anonymous Bruno Berger said...

Good Luck Paul!


11:12 AM  
Anonymous Gabriel said...

May the thrust god be with you.

4:56 AM  

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