Saturday, May 03, 2008

A tiny bit of hardware...

The vehicle is 99% complete. The only part missing is the IIP shutdown safety system. The IIP shutdown safety system calculates the instantaneous impact point (IIP) and shuts the vehicle down if the vehicle leaves the assigned flight hazard box.  The vehicle has been transported out to FAR for a static test in the near future so I don’t have a complete vehicle picture. I do have a couple of detail hardware pictures…


The electronics box lid off and lid on….


The box mounts on the side of the sphere at an angle and the GPS antenna mounts on the box so it is the highest thing on the vehicle.

Lastly a short video of the jet vanes moving.


heroineworshipper said...

Seems to be something wrong with the zoom rocker on that camera. Wonder how well a rocket damps angular rates compared to a helicopter.

Paul Breed said...

I am a poor videographer.
Should have higher intertia, but no gyroscopic damping.

We will see in a few weeks.

George Katz said...

Great to see the vanes in action. :) In practice how many degrees do you expect the vanes will need to move away from vertical to keep the vehicle stable? I assume from the video you are running a test routine for full range of motion.

Will the vehicle use the vanes for roll control about the vertical axis as well, or just for pitch and yaw?

Nick said...

It will be handling the roll, otherwise vanes are gratuitous bearing in mind the ISP losses.