Friday, August 24, 2007

Vehicle progress.

The vehicle is coming along nicely. We were planning to test this weekend and we could probably be ready with p=.8, but things would be rushed and unchecked. We will test next weekend and we will be really ready. Current progress:

  • The top side pressurization, regulator and blow off vent valves are all done.
  • The igniter plumbing is all done.
  • 3 of the four motors are plumbed.
  • The structural framing is all complete.
  • The first cut of the landing gear is done and 3 of 4 are on the vehicle.
  • (Were going to change the Landing gear slightly so we don't melt it.)
  • The new control board electronics have finished initial testing and seem to work.

Propane igniter:
We did some testing with using a normal camp stove propane cylinder as the fuel source for the igniter, and it looks like the tank orifice is too small and it won't feed 4 motors. We will be switching to a paint ball tank for the propane source tank.

I've been working on the hardware and have neglected the FAA paperwork side. They are going to put my 120 day clock on hold until I finish up some details I owe them.

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