Thursday, August 09, 2007

72 Days left...

There are 72 days until the contest.
Its going to be really busy!

I went to the team summit last week and it looks like we did not scare the Airforce too bad ;-).

The Local paper put us on the front page. (Web version)

I'm testing again this weekend, I realize that I've been lax in updating the blog, but hardware comes first. I just finished making my first set of safety relief valves, they hold to 1100 PSI
and open instantaneously, when I deliberately added a bit of air before pumping up the hydro tester it sounds like a gun shot when it opens. As I have to prepare pictures and test docs for these valves for the FAA I'll post them here as well.


John Carmack said...

From the article:
“We’ll be the smallest group to get clearance,” Breed Sr. said. “No group smaller than 15 people has ever done that.”

Armadillo is only eight people.

John Carmack

Paul said...

I did not get to proof the article.
All taken from an interview and notes. Any yes you are 8 people.

All in all not too bad for a non-technical author.

mz said...

I agree, a very well written article. It's very descriptive and balanced, tells both about the human side as well as the technical. And is not too long or too adjective laden "Wired-speak".