Saturday, April 07, 2007

Working on paper work.

Its about 195 days till XPC, so I need to get my AST application in a
sufficiently complete state to start the clock running. I've been working diligently on that. (Its up to about 50 pages and I still have at least one hard section still to develop.) I will publish what I submit and any official correspondence from the FAA here. I will not be publishing the rough drafts and the E-mail back and forth as I don't want to inhibit the communication.

I spent this evening working on a solid copper throat and closure assembly and I should be ready to test again on Sunday. It will be quite a treat to be ready for a Friday outing to test on Sunday!
I might even get some sleep before driving to the desert next weekend.

As anyone who knows me personally knows, I'm not much for sartorial splendor, I do have a never ending collection of tee shirts with thoughtful sayings on them... Like:
Top 10 reasons to procrastinate
(The rest of the shirt is blank)

Given that I think its time I had some Unreasonable Rocket Tee shirts made.
I'll probably do this through Cafe press so if anyone is interested say so in comments and I'll post the design link.

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