Saturday, April 14, 2007

106 second burn Good Motor/Bad Motor

Good Motor:
We ran the 250lb regen motor again today. We ran from full tanks to depletion at full throttle, between 105 and 106 seconds. It lit a bit hard, and it had a bad fuel leak, but otherwise it was an almost perfect run. The video up on youtube .

Bad Motor:
On the way home going up the hill on hwy 14 we blew a head gasket in the truck. It took 6 quarts of oil and 2 gallons of water to get home.

The data is below. the Load cell gave me qualitatively reasonable data, but the calibration can't be right, with the measured chamber pressure and throat size, I'd see more thrust with no expansion cone at all.... alas there is something I don't understand about the load cell calibration.


Carl Tedesco said...


Andy said...

Your odd load cell reading perhaps was from the leak you found and the data was simply trying to tell you something the video confirmed?

Still cool...

Andy Eng

Phil P said...

Paul you seem to be progressing fantastically. Phil.