Sunday, February 04, 2007

Quick Update

A quick update before I catch a plane.
  • Tanks: I found a place where I can order thicker T0 aluminum, the aluminum for thicker end caps will be here on Feb 7th. I also found a local place to do post weld heat treating, this should get me to my goal of 500 PSI with the aluminum tanks.
  • Igniter: I fabricated an Igniter using orfice sizes and the basic construction concepts that John has documented on the Armadillo updates. The Igniter, solinoids and ignition system is lighter than the weight allocated on my virtual vehicle. Having something tunr out lighter is always a good thing. I'll test it late next week.
  • Paperwork:I'm flying out to DC to attend the AST commercial space conference, I have a meeting with AST on Monday I'm going to try real hard to learn something and be diplomatic.


Anonymous said...

Nice to hear about your progress.
What are your current thoughts on the feasibility of the spectra tanks?

Henry Hallam

Paul Breed said...

I think the spectra tanks have some real advantages. I will continue to work on them in the future.
However I currently have 252 days til XPC and I may have to triage my development. If I can make things work with the aluminum tank design that I have in hand I will do that.